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Plants as Decorative and Healthful Accessories

April 12, 2010
Plants as Decorative & Healthful Acessories

Plants as Decorative & Healthful Acessories

Did you know that interior plants are really just decorative accessories. They soften hard corners, fill in empty spaces and provide beautiful accents to any room. And the other real reason to have plants is that they’re good for you! Seriously, can an artificial plant reduce molds and bacteria in your home or office? Can an artificial plant reduce stress? OK, if you have kids that live with you, you can’t use this fact. But, really, living plants are essential to good health and well-being. And just, think, you’ll be going green-authentically!

Epipremnum Aureum – Pothos

April 8, 2010

Epipremnum Aureum ~Pothos

The most common name for the Epipremnum Aureum is Pothos. Pothos is a evergreen plant popularly grown for its beautiful and attractive variegated foliage. Did you know that this easy-growing plant is very useful too as an indoor air purifier? A double bonus for having pothos in your interiorscape is that you get to enjoy it’s beauty and breathe fresh air simultaneously!

Being robust and hardy, pothos is one of the easiest plants to maintain. It requires little care and very tolerable of neglect and abuse. Because of its tolerance of low-light conditions, this easy-growing and hardy plant, makes it an ideal indoor plant. Its fabulous variegated foliage are used popularly for interiorscape in homes, offices, and shopping malls.

Spathiphyllum – AKA Peace Lily

April 8, 2010
Peace Lily


Spathiphyllum is commonly known as Spath or Peace Lily. It was discovered in the late nineteenth century growing wildly in Central/South America, Malaysia and the Philippines. This plant has somehow managed to circle the world long before man discovered its beauty. Spathi means spathe which is the sail-like flower. The botanist who named this plant obviously thought that it’s white flower spathe looked like a leaf-hence, in Greek, Spathiphyllum.

This attractive plant is a popular indoor plant because of it’s beautiful foliage and toleration to medium-low light and is an excellent air purifier removing many environmental contaminants including benzene, formaldehyde and other pollutants.

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