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Inside Plants, Inc

January 1, 2010

Heddy Salerno, Chief Decision Maker

You know, some people are just not meant to work in an office. Well, that was me, Heddy Salerno in 1978. I just wanted to know why I had to stay inside on beautiful days and everyone else was able to drive around outside. I had an office with a window and longed to be outside. I was working as a medical assistant and, fortunately, my obsession with the outside world got me terminated. I say fortunately because that spurred my entrepreneurial spirit. What could I do to make money that was fun? Well, I was always good with plants. They did well under my care, so maybe someone (businesses) needed someone to take care of their office plants. OK, let’s try that. And it worked! I was in Brentwood, CA, knocking on doors and people actually needed/wanted my services! Well, after 31 years and a relocation to the Inland Empire, people (commercial and residential) still need/want my services. But I’m not a “my” anymore. We growed up. We currently have 10 employees that service Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. It’s been a great ride and as I tell everyone I meet, “I love what I do and don’t know what else I would do if I wasn’t taking care of plants.” And believe it or not, I am still knocking on doors and getting my hands dirty! See, anything to get out of the office!


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