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Will a collaborative work space work for your business?

January 21, 2014

ImageOffices are changing, and it’s not just the tech companies on the coasts that are getting creative. Our designers are finding more law offices and accounting firms lowering cubicle walls, getting executives out of offices and into the mix with employees.  People who used to have cubicles are sharing larger spaces intended to encourage teams to work together. 

Progressing with the times is tempting.  After all, these are the latest trends in office dynamics!  OK, so maybe Google used these unconventional design practices successfully, but what if these changes aren’t for right for your business?  Imagine if you asked three sales employees whose work included a high volume of phone calls to share a space.  No one would be able to hear themselves, or your prospective clients.  Sure you’d be keeping up with the trend in office configuration, but your sales numbers would go right down the drain. 

When thinking about whether to adopt any new business practice, remember common sense.  These changes are meant to make your business more successful.  If any development is going to make your employees uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s probably not a good idea.  Talk over any proposed rearrangements with the staff that will be affected, and listen to their thoughts.  You never know, you might be leading the next big trend instead of following.

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Someone’s allergic to the plants in the office? Doesn’t rule out plants.

January 17, 2014

ImageDo you have to give up plants because of people’s allergies?  No, but flexibility is the name of the game. Here are some strategies for handling plant allergies for the office manager, employee, or visitor.

  • First, know that most plant allergies are activated when touching a plant.  As long as your guests/employees do not pet your plants, they should be fine. That said, with the popularity of flowering plants in the office, it never hurts to keep Benadryl or another over-the-counter allergy medicine on hand.
  • If you are the allergic person, employee or visitor, it may feel awkward asking for concessions around a plant allergy.  However, a polite request to move or replace plants in the office is not asking for special treatment, but for your well being to be maintained. This is your health we’re talking about!  For employees: your employer will want to know now rather than when you need to go home sick.  And visitors: your hosts will be spared embarrassment by your candor.
  • Back to our office managers: If the visitor is someone there for a brief meeting move the plant for the day.  If they will be returning frequently, say a contractor, you may want to think about leaving elsewhere in the office permanently. If all else fails, you can replace the plant.  Make sure you get some professional help so your new plant will be hypoallergenic!   The last thing you need as a sick employee or visitor. After all, the plants are in the office for their health benefits!

Allergies can be managed so that everyone can enjoy plants in the office. The best insurance is to have professionals help you decide what plants to use, and care for them. Make your office greener without fear! 

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The Secret “Behind” Renting Trees for Weddings

January 7, 2014

ImageAmbiance at a wedding is important, especially in the glamorous Palm Springs area.  Achieving that ambiance can be easy, if you hire the right people.  Local florists know how to make event venues shine.  That’s where the secret “behind” renting trees for weddings comes in: experienced decorators put rented trees in front of anything guests shouldn’t see.

No matter what the eyesore, there’s nothing a mini-grove of trees can’t hide.  The kitchen door is right behind where you want the ceremony to take place? Line up four or five ficuses! The men’s room is too close to your mother in-law’s table? Add more! Best of all, potted trees full of lights in both indoor and outdoor spaces create a romantic, flattering glow without the danger or mess of candles. 

Now you may think, “Oh I can go to a home center and buy small trees for the price of renting.”  And that may be true.  But you’ll also have to hire someone to pick them up in a U-Haul, and bring them to your venue.  After the event they’ll need to be removed and taken to a permanent home.  Your wedding night is no time to be hauling plants around, and potted trees aren’t exactly centerpieces people are going to want to take home.  Renting makes things no-fuss.  You get all the romance and none of the headache.  Here’s to a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful marriage!

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I heard it from the plants…

January 2, 2014

cleve-backsterIn the New York Times Magazine this weekend, they ran a piece on Grover Cleveland “Cleve” Backster, an ex-FBI lie detector expert who died this year. Cleve got creative one day and thought he’d hook up his desk plant to the lie detector. Surprised to see action on the readout, he decided light one of the leaves on fire and see how the plant “reacted.”  But before he got to the matches, the plant registered an intense “fear” response, convincing Mr. Baxter that his Dracaena cane plant could not only feel fear and pain, but also read his intentions.

Now to some people this sounds downright silly.  But for some who feel that plants are living beings (we know they breathe right?) with more soul than an electric mixer, this guy spoke the truth.  No one has been able to reliably repeat his results, but some of us still believe that plants know us, and need us.

RIP Mr. Backster

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Green New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2014

Picture1It’s 2014!  Time to make plans for a wonderful year to come. While many New Year’s resolutions have to do with diet and exercise, another way to freshen up your life this year is to get “greener.” Here are 3 ways to move towards a healthy and happy environment.

  1. Reduce and Re-Use.  We’re so used to hearing these as the preamble to “recycle” that it’s easy to forget that they have their role too. Resolve to think carefully when making purchasing decisions this year.  Are you replacing something that’s already working? Can that be of use to someone else? Pass it on! To find out how to donate/re-use just about anything, use your friend Google.  And getting organized is refreshing too! As they say, think globally and act locally.
  2. Adopt an animal. You may think, “now how does that help the environment?” By taking animals off the street and getting them spayed and neutered, you’re practicing animal birth control, and keeping the population of strays down.  Every animal makes a difference, and the best environmental change will be your own.  A home with a pet is emotionally healthier for all who live there. Resolve to give love to a homeless pet, and get more than you give in return.  Allergies? Think about donating to your local ASPCA.
  3. Psst…PLANTS! Bringing plants into your environment is the easiest way to “go green.”  Home or office, the extra oxygen they bring and other positive health effects make plants a wise investment for any living space or business.  Bottom line, it’s easier to connect with nature when a little piece of it is sitting there on your desk or bedside table.  Resolve to buy at least one plant this year, and take good care of it.

Environmental concerns can be wide ranging, but if you resolve to make your own environment happier and healthier with at least one of these steps, then your 2014 is sure to follow suit.  Happy New Year everyone!

For more information on the benefit of plants in your home or office or any indoor plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing top quality home and commercial plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

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