Why have Interior Plants….

These issues are the lifeblood of a company:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower facilities costs
  • Lower employee benefits costs
  • Positive reaction to your company & your product or service

Interior Plants can actually help you address all of them.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, studies have shown that greenery in the workplace:

  • More Employee productivity and lower costs
  • Interior plants help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress levels in employees
  • Interior plants increase productivity by as much as 12% & lowers absenteeism
  • Interior plants keep humidity levels at an optimal range for human health, comfort, and facility maintenance

Interior Plants Improve the Air, Reduce Illnesses:

  • Interior plants cool the air and exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen
  • Interior plants remove pollutants from the air in a closed environment
  • Interior plants remove airborne molds in a closed office environment by as much as 50%
  • Interior plants help prevent colds, flu, and illnesses commonly exchanged among coworkers in a poorly ventilated office

Better for Your Customers:

  • Interior plants create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Interior plants convey that your staff cares about its customers
  • Your customers will tend to do business with a business whose environment exudes “comfort” and “caring”
  • Your customers will visit longer & more frequently, and are willing to pay about 12% more for goods

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