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Bring the tropics to your home or office with Bromeliads!

May 29, 2012


What is that that colorful flowering plant that looks so beautiful and tropical you may ask? We see them in offices, homes and nurseries all over and most of us don’t know what they are. Well they’re bromeliads. Not only do these lovely plants brighten up any space they are also a very hearty plant that can adapt well in most situations are grow beautifully in pots.

Fun facts about Bromeliads:

  • They’re in the pineapple family
  • Their waxy leaves shape themselves like a bowl to collect water and larger species can hold more than a gallon!
  • There’s over 3,000 species of bromeliads

Let us bring a little tropical flare to your home or office, ask about our array of bromeliads.


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