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Staying Sunny During Daylight Savings Time

October 29, 2013

fall-back-dog-550x320Daylight Savings Time is here! Clocks will be turned back in the wee hours of Sunday November third.  Many people, especially those who moved to California for the sun, get gloomy as the days get shorter.  So how do you stay positive as we lose the daylight?  There are many ways to keep your spirits aloft.

  • Rise and shine! 
    The sun goes down earlier, ergo it rises earlier too! Change your schedule to catch all the day’s rays.  The best way to change a waking or bed time is 15 minutes at a time.  If you normally wake up at 8:00am try 7:45am for a few days, then move to 7:30am, etc.
  • It’s all in the timing
    Put a few key lights in your space (home and/or office) on timers so that they turn on automatically to adjust the level of light as the day ends.  You avoid the moment when you look up from your book, and are suddenly sitting in the dark.
  • If music be the food of love…
    Use the magic of music to buoy your mood!  Spend a fun evening picking out your favorite cheerful tunes for a special “sunset” playlist.  We like “Build Me Up Buttercup” (The Foundations) “Octopus’s Garden” (The Beatles) and “Upside Down” (Diana Ross)
  • Get green, add plants to your space!
    Plants in the environment are scientifically proven to reduce stress, and increase worker productivity.  Combine it all with the visual pleasure of having something green enhancing your space and you’ve got a natural mood-lifter.

These are a good start to staying cheerful during Daylight Savings.  The good news is that days start getting longer on December 22.  So hang in there, here comes the sun.

To discuss adding greenery to your home or office this winter, or any indoor plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing top quality home and commercial plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.


Managing Holiday Stress

October 25, 2013

xmas_stressHoliday stress doesn’t kick in December 24th, but creeps in much earlier.  If you head it off early, you’ll have a happier celebration.  Here are 5 tips to keep you ahead of the game.

  • Set realistic expectations
    You are not designing a Better Homes and Gardens magazine spread, you just need your home and/or office to be celebratory and warm.  If you decide to leave out a certain dish or décor element, if you don’t tell anyone, then they won’t know it’s missing.  The only person judging you is you.
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule
    Do you have a major project due at work around the holidays? Make sure you’ve allowed yourself enough time to fulfill your professional responsibilities.  Even if you are responsible for office holiday celebrations, turning in a report late because you were planning the Secret Santa exchange will not go over well.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
    Chances are, you had a lovely holiday last year.  (Check out some past Inside Plants designs) Did you love it? Don’t do a carbon copy, but build on that, or if it was a total disaster be mindful not to repeat mistakes.
  • Recruit A Team
    A holiday requires help! Recruit co-workers or family members to help you with your planning, or specific tasks. Can’t find anyone? See our next tip.
  • Know when not to DIY
    Sometimes you can do it yourself, but other times you need to call in the pros!  Decorating can be intimidating, and require buying a lot of seasonal items that will need storage. Delegating your holiday decorating to Inside Plants can make your life easier, and keep your closets less cluttered.

We’re here for you! Our design staff will create a personalized holiday design plan for your home or office. They work closely with you to create trees, character scenes and garland-accented areas within your requirements and budget.  That should help you breathe a little easier, and enjoy the season.

Ready to head off the stress of holiday decorating? To make an appointment with one of our talented designers, or discuss any indoor office plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing superior home and commercial plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

Health Effects

October 24, 2013

ImageInside Plants uses greenery to bring a space to life, but many look on plants as just pretty decor. According to well-documented research*, businesses with no plants onsite miss out on ways to increase productivity and cut costs.  Let’s review a few.

Plants help employees… 

Calm down:  We all know nature is serene.  But it’s been proven that even having a little bit of nature on your desk or in the conference room helps chill people out.

Get more done:  Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, enabling folks to focus. Study participants had a 12% quicker reaction time on a computer task when plants were in their space.

Enjoy peace & quiet: Plants are able to reduce an office’s ambient noise as much as 5 decibels! Background noise is distracting when trying to work. The less the better!

Look marvelous:  Do you need magic moisturizer to reduce dry skin by 20%? Nope.  The studies say plants do the trick. It’s a “must” here in the High Desert.

Ready to change the energy of your office?  Call for an appointment with one of our designers to configure the ideal greenery for your space.  Don’t get caught with your plants down!

For more information on the benefit of plants in your home or office or any indoor plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing top quality home and commercial plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

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Journal of Environmental Horticulture

Meet our designer, Frances Holloway!

October 11, 2013

Frances is a member of our team of designers transforming the concept of office plants in the Coachella Valley. We recently found out more about how she came to love all things green.

Frances4Q: How long have you been working with plants?

A: I started in the interiorscape industry over 20 years ago, and it is still my passion.

Q: Where did that passion stem from?

A: As a small child, my father instilled in me a love for plants, and the benefits of living in harmony with a natural environment. As I grew into an adult, I was told constantly that I had the proverbial “green thumb.”

Q: A lot of people are talented in the garden, what pushed you to “go pro”?

A: Knowing the benefits that can be derived from an atmosphere that includes live plants, and the desire to share that knowledge with the public, I knew that this was a wise career choice for me.

Q: I understand you grew other parts of your life at a certain point.

A: I took some time off to raise a family and learn sales and business management.  As my children grew up and moved on, I wanted to go back to the love of my life…plants!

Q: What is your main goal as an employee at Inside Plants?

A: To share the beauty and benefits of interiorscape in creative ways so that others can experience the joy that plants can bring to every environment! Thanks to Frances for sharing her story and for the insights on the beauty of plants. We’re happy to have Frances or any of our designers tell you more, just give us a call at Inside Plants.

Are you ready for the beauty and benefit of plants in your home or office? To make an appointment with Frances, or discuss any indoor office plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing top quality home and commercial plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

Plant Magic

October 1, 2013

office plantsPlants are magic.  Perhaps you think that’s an exaggeration, but think about the last time you walked into the plant-laden home of that friend of yours who’s got a “green thumb.”  Didn’t you oooh and aaaah and wonder how he does it?

In the world of magic, you don’t get to know the secrets.  In fact it’s against the magician’s code of honor to reveal how tricks are done.  With plants, however, friends and family are all too happy to teach you about potting soil, root balls and the dangers of overwatering.

For non-plant people, all the instruction in the world won’t turn our home or office into the green paradise we so envy.  If only the perfect plants could just magically appear, and live forever. Guess what? It can happen. Like magic. Well, almost.

Imagine this scenario:  You want a lush, green office. Enter Inside Plants. One of our experienced designers creates a custom interior plant design, considering your light and space. Plants are selected, arranged, and then regularly maintained by our staff.  Watered, pruned, replaced if need be, all with you barely noticing. Now that’s what I call magic.

To learn more about our residential and commercial services, or to  set up an appointment with one of our designers, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing premiere home and office plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

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