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Holiday Décor: Don’t Panic!

September 26, 2013

CENTERLAKE 1Fall holiday season is in full swing here in Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley! Turn a corner at Target, and you go from dog Halloween costumes to Thanksgiving tablecloths.  Can you guess what’s already on the next aisle? Yep, snowmen, and candy canes.

Imagine that Target holiday section in your mind. If you’re like me, among the glittery, spangled decorations, adorable penguin figures, and imitation snow drifts come the rushing thoughts: “when will I have time to channel my inner Martha Stewart?” followed by “where do I-store all this stuff after the holidays?” Now come back to reality, and we’ll get through it together.

We can’t control how retailers market holidays. Christmas is September? It’s the aisle we’re on and we’ve got to grin and bear it. A trip to Target should be about picking up some Swiffer cloths and cat food, not having an existential crisis about holiday decorating.  And truthfully, there’s no need to fret. We’ve got you covered! Delegate your holiday décor tasks to Inside Plants.

One of our holiday angels (AKA designers) will come to your home or office and evaluate your space, discuss your needs and budget and come up with a festive design solution for you.  Whether you need a decorated tree, winter scenes, or greenery, we can get you festive in no time.  We do full installation and removal, so you don’t have to lift a finger.  Book before October 1st and get 10% off! Best of all? You can shop at Target again without anxiety. At least until they bring out the Valentine’s Day merchandise…

To make a holiday décor appointment with one of our designers, or discuss any indoor plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing holiday décor and premiere home and office plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.


Office Plants. Should I Fake it?

September 13, 2013

Last week we talked to our founder, Heddy Salerno, about what makes for a successful office plant.  And we got great suggestions! But the truly plant-challenged among us were waiting for another type of plant to be mentioned- the fake kind. But is that cheating? Faux greenery is so realistic these days. Surely it plays a role in the world of home and office décor. We went to the plant whisperer in chief to get her thoughts.

Q: Heddy, would Mother Nature disown me if I went with silk plants?

A: Boy, big question. Live plants are just so much better for you.  Do you know that they can improve your employee productivity by over 12%?  That they reduce absenteeism and sick building syndrome?  These are actual NASA facts!  And live plants bring you oxygen.

  • The takeaway: don’t give up too easily. The benefits of actual living, breathing plants range from simple – more oxygen in the environment, to complex – fighting the effects of modern construction materials in airtight buildings. Maybe the positive effects are worth learning to work a watering can.

replica arrangement2Q: So is that a “no” on faux?

A: There is a place for faux plants.  If your lighting is really too low (a bathroom with low light, a very dark room or a conference room that rarely gets used) then a faux plant is the best choice. Why install a plant into a place where you know it just will not work?  You really don’t want it to die. And as professionals, we know what will and will not work. We can supply you with faux plants that look great.

  • The takeaway: use your best judgment. Or even better, let us use ours!  Inside Plants will evaluate the best places in your office or home to place greenery design-wise, and then choose the appropriate plants (live or faux) for the light level. We’ll make sure your space is attractive, healthy, and your plants are taken care of long-term.

To set up an appointment with one of our designers, or discuss any indoor office plant maintenance issues, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing premiere home and office plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

Good Office Plants

September 9, 2013

ImageEmployers today are looking for office staff that’s going to succeed. Not just succeed, but thrive.  It’s no different with plants.  The good news is that getting new plants is a lot less complicated than getting new employees, and if things don’t work, getting rid of them is 100% drama free. So, what makes a good office plant? We asked Heddy Salerno, Inside Plants owner and office plant services guru to weigh in.

Q: What makes a great office plant?

A good candidate can live during the hustle and bustle of daily office life. It can stay out of the way and just look pretty. And if it happens to clean the air, that’s added value.

And Heddy means added value literally. The healthier your environment, the more productive your employees.

Q: What about light? Offices aren’t exactly solariums.

Usually a low light plant would be the best in an office situation.  Even though fluorescent lighting is okay for plants, it is still not the best for optimum growth.

When buying plants at a big box store, many plants are labeled with their light requirements. Stick to what you know will work in your space.

Q: Can you recommend a few specific types?

The more popular office plants would be rhaphis palm, (AKA lady palm) kentia palm, dracaenas (all varieties), spathiphyllum (peace lily), pothos, and ficus (if there’s a window).

These sound like big intimidating names, but the plants themselves are friendlier, take a look on the Inside Plants website to see photos of these and other great options.

Even knowing what plants work, it can still be hard to keep everything healthy in the office. Let the professionals bring the best plants, and maintain them for you. We all have a shameful story about letting a co-worker’s orchid wither while they were on vacation. Ok, maybe that hasn’t happened to everyone, but trust me, avoid it. It’s right about then you wish your office had a “ficus only” policy, or better yet a contract with Inside Plants.

To learn more about workplace plants or discuss our indoor office plant maintenance services, please contact us. Inside Plants has been providing premiere home and office plant maintenance in Southern California for over 35 years.

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