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September 29, 2015

INSIDE PLANTS has been providing quality plants and services since 1978. Our creative designs for both home and office use living plants to bring the freshness of the outdoors inside. We offer a variety of interior plants, both live and artificial and beautiful decorative containers to compliment any interior design. Our team of professional interiorscapers, many who are certified landscape technicians, are trained in interior plant maintenance and design and will provide the best care for your plant selection.

We cover everything from your basic home and business care to rentals and party designs. Our consultations are free and we are here 5 days a week to answer all your plant questions. Call us and see for yourself the difference our service creates in your environment today! It really is that easy to hear us say, ” Yeah, we do that!”.


The Holidays have come Callin’ Yet Again

September 23, 2015

IMG_20141205_104314_721 (2)The summer heat is still here but with Pinterst here, Instagram there, Facebook posts, even blogs like this one (we’re not even going to start with the large chain retail stores, which, let’s face it the big blue logo is guilty) we feel it’s safe to say the holidays have come callin’ yet again. And doesn’t it seem earlier and earlier every year? In 2014, the average America family spent over $850 on gifts and decor for the holidays. This is up from the $646 spent on average on holiday gifts in 2012. Obviously, the holiday season is still big business. While major retailers may enjoy much of this holiday spending, just about any size or type of business can profit from a busy and lucrative holiday season. One way to attract customers to your business or just spread holiday cheer is by decorating your business with a well-designed, well-lit holiday display . By doing so, you may find that professional commercial holiday displays can not only help provide benefits during the holiday season but they can also jumpstart a very happy, and prosperous, new year.

What if you are a business that does not serve the retail customer? Can you just forget about the trouble of decorating for the holidays this year? Not if you don’t want to come off as a Scrooge to your employees. Many employees enjoy a more relaxed, festive feel during the holiday season. As a result, improved employee morale may translate into happier employees that feel valued, are more dedicated to their employers, and provide greater productivity. All of these benefits can start with a smart holiday display on the exterior of a business that welcomes employees in, makes them feel like their company is invested in their happiness, and inspires them to greater goodwill and holiday spirit.

So, with all that being said, statistics and all, give us a call today for your holiday festivities.

Prepping for a Cold Wind

September 16, 2015

Americans spend an estimated ninety percent of their time indoors according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Indoor air, especially in offices and schools, can contain 10x more pollution than outdoor air! This is because of toxic emissions from synthetic building materials, airborne mold, viruses, and pollutants, along with energy efficient construction that makes spaces as airtight as possible and consequently reduces the circulation of air.

We’re approaching a cold winter meteorologists say the coldest we’ve had in years.  This means that most of us will spend our time indoors glued to our desk at work or in front of the television at home. During this time more than ever, you might find yourself unconsciously craving some greenery – and not just because it looks nice. Plants have been shown to improve indoor air quality by naturally cleaning your air of toxins & chemicals, which can directly contribute to the improvement of your health and overall wellbeing. The mental health benefits are as good as the physical.

Also, starting seedlings inside this time of year while the heaters going and there’s moisture in the air is a great way to have something to look forward to come spring.  Give us a call and see a difference today!

Bring Autumn to your Home

September 1, 2015

One of the great joys of decorating is heightening and beautifying the seasons. Bringing autumn to your home is fun and easy to do! Here are some tips and hints from our top designers and how we can help to lighten that holiday load.

Where & What to Decorate
To get the most enjoyment out of your decor start with the areas inside or outside of the home that are the most visible, like your front door. Don’t forget areas that you see each and every day; you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

•Front steps or front porch
•Just inside your front door on an entrance table
•On the mantle
•A centerpiece for your dining table
•Pots on the patio, courtyard, and balcony
•Flowerbeds around the home

imagesWhat to Decorate With
Decorate with items that you love and that speak to the season. Play with a combination of plants, items harvested from the garden and traditional décor. Mixing various items into one display gives it that professional look that will be the envy of friends and neighbors. If there’s natural plants sprigs that you enjoy plant the bush in your garden for years of decorating. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

•Ornamental grasses
•Ornamental peppers
•Ornamental kale and cabbage
•Edible lettuces (reds) and kale

Items from the Garden
•Pumpkins & gourds
•Hay bales
•Indian corn

Decorative Items
•Halloween figures
•Harvest figures
•Candles (don’t forget about battery operated candles)

fall-table-centerpieceQUICK IDEA: For a side table or centerpiece, take an autumn wreath, lay it down and place pillar candles of various sizes in the center—done!

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