Great Plants To Give As Gifts

Christmas Cactus – So named because they bloom at this time of year, the Christmas cactus is a great gift for the succulent lover in your life. Their blooms are red and they prefer a cool, sunny location.

Christmas Fern– Many ferns are used as natural indoor air filters. The Christmas fern is native to North America and stays green all year round. It makes an attractive house plant and can easily be planted outdoors. Its defining feature is of course its verdant leaves, since ferns don’t flower.

Cyclamen– Cyclamen thrive and bloom in cool weather. I see them more and more often here in Southern California as a winter flower. They also make good house plants. They are comparatively short plants and their flowers are quite unusual.

Orchids– Orchids are becoming one of the most popular indoor plants because of their graceful appearance and minimal maintenance requirements (that is a subjective statement, I know). They are increasingly available in different sizes and colors and make an elegant plant gift.


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