Traditional Holiday Plants From Around The World

Holly, ivy, mistletoe and other festive foliage was originally used during the pre-Christian times in order to ward off evil spirits, celebrate new growth and help rejoice the Winter Solstice Festival. These plants have been associated with the Christmas period ever since and are still used to decorate our homes today.

Ornamental holly berries are used in both wreaths and table centerpieces every Christmas. These particular berries are produced by 400 species of holly, which grow in the wild all around the world. Holly trees and shrubs are smooth-barked and boast delicate flowers, plump red berries and leathery, shiny leaves.
Whether you choose to hang garlands of holly from the roof, the walls or the mantelpiece, it’s guaranteed to add Christmas cheer and a little color to your home.

Mistletoe has been a symbol of peace, love and goodwill for as long as we can remember. The ritual and tradition of hanging mistletoe around our homes at Christmas time has been a pre-Christian tradition for many years, whilst the custom of kissing under the mistletoe continues today in many countries during the festive time.

Poinsettias a shrub native to Mexico – the locals call it ‘Noche Buena’, which means Christmas Eve. The plant’s connotation with the festive season began 400 years ago.
Legend has it a young girl who was too poor to provide a Christmas gift for baby Jesus was encouraged by an angel to gather weeds from the roadside. These weeds later transformed into Crimson ‘blossoms’ and have been popular Christmas decorations in North America and Europe ever since.

Ivy is specie of festive foliage, often used in wreaths and table centerpieces. A simple Christmas wreath fashioned from ivy, holly, red ribbons and other greenery will add vibrancy and color to the home. Some choose to hang wreaths from their doorways, whilst others will place them above their mantelpiece for decoration.

Christmas rose
A traditional favorite; the Christmas rose boasts an abundance of pure white flowers that often age to a color of pretty pink in the winter months. A vase brimming with red and white roses and wonderfully scented blooms makes for a gorgeous festive display, especially when teamed with gold foliage.


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