Succulents are the New “it” Design

SucculentsSo when you think about succulents I bet you think about a barren desert or a drought resistant front yard for all of you in California. Well, my friends, not anymore! We here at Inside Plants are always scouring the internet and reading articles to keep us at the forefront of design, so we are here to tell you that succulents are the new “it” thing when it comes to design for your upcoming event. YES you heard ( or rather read) correctly… I said design. Let me give you a few photo examples so you don’t think I’m pulling your leg.

And whether you’re planning a neutral desert themed affair or a bright colorful fiesta, these juicy plants are long-lasting, versatile and vibrant.  With palates ranging from greenish greys to deep purples, and a variety of shapes and sizes, succulents can be used as accents across your decor, offering a modern look to your florals, a rustic bent on your table placings or a more masculine touch to the usual floral hues. succ1 (4)succ4 (4)succ2 (6)succ5 (4)

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