Living Walls & Room Dividers

~New Products~
Simply Vertical Plant Systems

Living Wall Room Divider

These living wall room dividers are great for cubicles, dividing spaces or just making a statement. Plants help improve air quality by removing toxins.

Living Wall Planter Tray

This planter tray can be mounted on the wall anywhere in your office to create an impactful Green statement.

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4 Responses to “Living Walls & Room Dividers”

  1. Sassy and Grassy: Plant-Integrated Furniture for Green Living Says:

    [...] some of these amazing dividers up in your home or office to create valuable personal space. (Now you can Facebook without getting [...]

  2. Millie R Says:

    Do u sell those room dividers? If so how much and what are the measurements?

  3. Don’t be afraid of the Living Wall | Says:

    […] A living wall: the idea sounds right out of a bad sixties horror movie! But actually, these vertical planters, being used by eco-friendly homeowners, high-end interior designers, and companies wanting a break from the average cubicle, are more of a dream than a nightmare. Want to learn more? Read on! […]

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